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Huawei Theoretical Computer Science Lab (TCS-Lab) is a research lab for Huawei Technologies. Its research areas include the core theories of theoretical computer science such as complexity theory, algorithm design, as well as its applications in different related domains such as economics and operations research. The missions of the lab are (1) to become a world-class research center in theoretical computer science and explore new frontiers in science and technology, and (2) to provide algorithmic solutions for Huawei and create value for our customers.

From a theory perspective, we work in the broad domain of theoretical computer science, including its intersection and interactions with other fields. Our objective is to solve important open questions and develop innovative techniques and theoretical tools that link theoretical computer science to other disciplines in science and technology. In particular, we hope to combine theoretical computer science, heuristic methods, operations research, and machine learning, and design innovative algorithms with both theoretical guarantees and real-world applicability.

From an application perspective, we work closely with different business sectors within the company and provide algorithmic solutions that can be directly applied to existing and new products and services at Huawei, such as wireless communication, Huawei cloud service, and ICT products and solutions. Through the lens of our algorithms, we aspire to continuously provide value and solve problems for our customers.

One final mission of the TCS-Lab is to connect theory and application, and to bring together academia and industry. Through the means of joint laboratory, visiting scholars, collaborative project, postdocs, and internships, we aim to foster a close relationship with the global academic community and co-create research that better serves the society and the world.